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    Classic Charades Game

    • Travel Friendly

      Travel Friendly

    • Amount of Players

      4+ players

    • Length of Gameplay

      15-20 Minutes

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      Age VARIOUS

    Overview of Classic Charades Game

    Classic Charades is a timeless entertainment game where laughter and excitement take centre stage! This beloved party game has captivated audiences for generations, making it a perfect choice for gatherings of friends and family.

    With its simple yet exhilarating gameplay, Classic Charades promises endless moments of fun and connection as players engage in the art of pantomime to convey words or phrases without uttering a single sound.

    Age Range
    12+ years

    Act, mime and guess your way to victory with this fun family game. A great game to break the ice and a fun way to bring people together for shared moments of laughter and camaraderie.

    Classic Charades game accommodates various group sizes and settings, making it an ideal choice for parties, team-building events, or cosy evenings at home. A fun and diverse social party game.

    Looking for a quick-paced filler game for your next family holiday or gathering? Look no further! Our traditional family Charades game comes in a compact box that you can take anywhere with you.


    What’s in the box?
    • 78 charades cards
    • Easy-to-follow rules
    How To Play
    • Shuffle the Charade cards and place them face down in the centre of the gameplay area. Decide which colour charades you want to act out, and how many rounds you want to play. We suggest 3-4 rounds for a good amount of gameplay. Grab a 60-second timer and you’re ready to play!
    • Split into 2 teams. The team with the youngest player goes first. Start the timer. The mime for team one picks a card from the deck to act out to their teammate(s). The guesser must answer correctly before a new card is taken, and play continues until the 60-second timer ends.
    • At the end of your round, any correctly guessed charade cards are handed to the team, and any incorrectly guessed are put to the bottom of the pile. Play then moves to the other team and continues for the agreed number of rounds. A different performer should be chosen each round.
    The Winner
    • Once you have played the agreed number of rounds, total up the scores and the winner is the team with the highest overall score!

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