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    Our Sustainability Promise!

    It is important to us that the lovely things we make, and the way we make them,
    have as little negative impact on people and the planet as possible. And we know this is important to you too.

    We're happy to assure you that, for all new Ginger Fox products we're committing to:

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    Reduce single-use plastics

    We're removing all plastic wraps, bands, shrink-wrap and ties from our products and on-shelf packaging.

    We're working on solutions to deliver single-use plastic free product and transit packaging.

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    Use only paper and card that is FSC® certified, or made from recycled materials

    The Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC) is an international non-profit, multi-stakeholder organisation, which promotes responsible management of the world's forests.

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    Ensure that all disposable packaging is recyclable

    We will not coat our card packaging with plastic laminate. We will avoid lamination altogether or use biodegradable lamination so that the card can be recycled.

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    Print all paper and card products and packaging with vegetable or water-based inks

    We're still working on reducing the environmental impact of the inks we use to print on ceramic and tin.

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    Ensure that all our suppliers meet internationally recognised ethical standards

    We will continue to audit all our suppliers each year to ensure they meet the ethical standards set by the Ethical Trading Initiative (ETI).

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    Implement a program of activities at our head office in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, to support our local environment and community

    We will ensure that this becomes part of Ginger Fox culture at all levels.


    It's a big challenge, and this is just the start of our journey towards becoming truly environmentally and socially sustainable.
    There's always room for improvement, and we're working on it!


    Our future sustainability goals include:

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    Removing internal plastic storage trays from our products by September 2025

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    Using wood only from FSC certified sources by September 2025

    Stay in touch with us on social media to see what other good things we're up to!

    Last Updated: 22/06/2023 14:28