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    Ant & Decs Limitless Win Card Game

    • Travel Friendly

      Travel Friendly

    • Amount of Players

      1+ players

    • Length of Gameplay

      20-30 Minutes

    • Age range Icon

      Age 8+

    Overview of Ant & Decs Limitless Win Card Game

    The stakes are higher than they have ever been, but how high will you dare to climb?

    In this cooperative game, you must work together to answer trivia questions and see how far you can climb up the limitless money ladder.

    Answer the trivia questions to move up the ladder, but is it an exact answer?

    Age Range
    8+ years

    Just Like The TV Show, But In Your Own Home
    Now you can play the popular ITV gameshow at home. Based on the hit tv quiz show hosted by the nation’s favourite double act, Ant and Dec, you must work together to answer the trivia questions and move up the ladder.

    A Fun Family Card Game For Ages 8+ Years
    This travel-sized trivia quiz card game is great fun for families with children aged 8 years and over. It’s the perfect way to keep the kids entertained and spend quality family time together, learning as you do.

    Answer General Knowledge Trivia Questions
    To win, you must answer your way through 10 question cards by giving either the exact answer or a number below the exact answer and bank as much money as you can. Answer higher, and you’ll lose!


    What’s in the box?
    • Over 100 trivia questions
    • Easy-to-follow rules cards
    • Scoreboard and tracker card
    • Double-sided money ladder cards
    • Lock-in/Cash out cards
    • Lifeline cards
    How To Play
    • Cut out the score tracker, lay the 5 money ladder cards out in the gameplay area, and place the score tracker at the bottom of the ladder. Place the CASH-OUT/LOCK-IN card in easy reach.
    • Draw 10 cards from the question deck and place them in the centre and shuffle the lifeline cards before dealing one to the team. This lifeline can only be used once during the game.
    • You start with 15 lives. To easily track your lives and banked money, scan the QR code to access a digital tracker, or if playing without a phone, simply grab a pen and a piece of paper.
    • To start the game, read aloud the first question from the game deck, and work as a team to decide on an answer. Tap the LOCK IN card when you have all agreed on the final answer.
    • Move the score tracker up the money ladder to the exact number of spaces equal to the answer given, and then flip the question card over to reveal the answer and see if you were correct.
    • Give an exact answer and you can bank the most recent cash value you passed on the ladder and gain 5 extra lives. If you answered lower than the correct answer, you lose the number of lives that you were out by. But give a higher answer and its GAME OVER.
    The Winner
    • Play continues in the same way until either the team decides to cash out, all 20 game questions have been played, the team runs out of lives, or the team gives an incorrect higher answer.
    • Once the game is over, note the final amount you have banked during the game on your scoreboard, and see if you can do any better the next time you play the Limitless Win card game.

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