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    Taskmaster The Card Game

    • Travel Friendly

      Travel Friendly

    • Amount of Players

      3+ players

    • Length of Gameplay

      30-45 Minutes

    • Age range Icon

      Age 8+

    Overview of Taskmaster The Card Game

    Taskmaster The Card Game is based on the award-winning Channel 4 comedy panel game show hosted by Greg Davies and his assistant Little Alex Horne. Packed with extraordinary tasks for ordinary people, this game brings the essence of the show to the comfort of your own home. Judge and be judged, your time starts now!

    Age Range
    8+ years

    Laugh-out-loud hilarious family game.
    It’s time to summon your inner taskmaster and experience unparalleled fun with the Taskmaster card game. Based on the hit TV show, this family fun game features hilarious challenges and engaging gameplay, making it the perfect choice for parties, game nights, and family gatherings.

    With favourite tasks from the show!
    Do you think you can do better than the hapless comedians? Now you can find out! Featuring favourite tasks from the Channel 4 TV show hosted by Greg Davies and Little Alex Horne, the Taskmaster card game is packed with quick-play challenges that friends and family will love.

    Crammed full of fun travel-sized tasks.
    Take the laughter and excitement of Taskmaster wherever you go with the travel-sized Taskmaster card game. Packed with ludicrous challenges and portable convenience, it's the perfect entertainment companion for making memories on road trips, holidays, and gaming on the move.


    What’s in the box?
    • 70 task cards
    • Easy-to-follow rules
    • Hours of endless fun!
    How To Play
    • Grab a pen and paper to keep score. Shuffle the task cards, count out the correct number of tasks and place them in the middle of the gameplay area.
    • Players must take turns to assume the role of The Taskmaster, starting with the tallest player. The Taskmaster reads out the first task to the other players.
    • All players (except the Taskmaster) complete the task within the specified time, and The Taskmaster must judge and award 1-5 points to each player.
    • The role of Taskmaster passes to the player to the left. The next card is read out, and play continues until all tasks in the game have been completed.
    The Winner
    • At the end of the game, tot up the scores, and the player with the most points is the winner and is crowned the Taskmaster Champion!

    Have fun. Make good choices. And remember, The Taskmaster’s word is final! .

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