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    Treasure Chests

    There is no limit as you can steal Chests from other players via blackmail and murder, but you can only play one Treasure Chest card of your own at a time.


    No, all cards placed in Treasure Chests must remain face down until the round is over and the Traitors’ Dilemma has taken place. Only after the Dilemma can players look at their Treasure Chest cards and add any Gold Coins to their score.

    You can put any card you like in a Treasure Chest. Only Gold Coins have value, but you can put other cards in your Chest to trick your opponents into stealing a worthless decoy Chest from you.

    Discarding Cards

    Gold Coin cards must be added to the collective hoard. Cards of any other type are put on a separate discard pile and are out of play until the end of the round.

    No. Once discarded these cards lose their value and are out of play until the end of the round.


    No, you just have fewer cards to play from. You do not draw any extra cards to make your hand back up to three, but you can also choose not to play a card on your turn.

    No, you can play a card if you want but you don’t have to.


    No, if you are blackmailed using the Dagger card it cannot be refused. Shields only protect you from murder, not blackmail.

    Yes, but only if all other players have been eliminated. If there are other players still in the round you must use the stolen Dagger to blackmail them.


    You are out of the round, but not the game. You will be resurrected to play again in the next round if there is one.

    No, once a murder attempt has been made (whether successful or not) the Night is over and the round resumes. No other murder attempts can take place during that Night.


    Count the Gold Coins in each of the surviving players’ Treasure Chests. The player (or players) with the fewest Gold Coins is eliminated and must add the Coins from their Chests to the collective hoard. They will not take part in the Traitors’ Dilemma or add any coins to their total for this round.

    No, unless there are more than three players surviving after the Last Night card has been played, the contents of personal Treasure Chests shouldn’t be looked at and scored until after the Traitors’ Dilemma.

    No, the collective hoard must be split based on the cards played in the Traitors’ Dilemma.

    Discard a Coin card so the total is evenly divisible by the number of players.